Hi, I'm AS4242421826, looking for peers on DN42 network now.

If you are interested in peering with me, please send the following information to [email protected]:

  • Your ASN
  • Your Clearnet IP
  • Your DN42 IP
  • Your Link-Local IP
  • Your WireGuard endpoint
  • Your WireGuard public key

I prefer Multiprotocol BGP and WireGuard, and I will setup this by default, let me know if you can’t do it, we can work something out.


Automatic Peering System

You can set up your own peerings now.
At this time, the following node are available on this system:

  • LAX - Los Angles, CA, US
  • LUX - Roost, Bissen, LU

You can access this system via:

$ ssh <Your mnt-by>@lax.n.lss233.com -p 39745
$ ssh <Your mnt-by>@lux.n.lss233.com -p 39745

We will validate you by your ssh key or PGP key in dn42 registry.

Node Information

The following nodes are now open for peering.

LAX - Los Angles, CA, US

ASN: 4242421826
Hostname: lax.n.lss233.com
DN42 IPv4:
DN42 IPv6: fd10:a433:4b7d:2::50
Link-Local: fe80::1826
WireGuard Endpoint: lax.n.lss233.com:5<Your last 4 digests of ASN>
WireGuard Publickey: okfX4nra3vEz8TdXD08142TAi9YCYXOJAbF0DAx/dnw=
Multiprotocol BGP Support: Yes

LUX - Roost, Bissen, LU

ASN: 4242421826
Hostname: lux.n.lss233.com
DN42 IPv4:
DN42 IPv6: fd10:a433:4b7d:4b::52
Link-Local: fe80::1826
WireGuard Endpoint: lux.n.lss233.com:5<Your last 4 digests ASN>
WireGuard Publickey: 2hVHLTlQtH90qtLOHD9Yx35OpR08o46fcwa7PgeF+Wk=
Multiprotocol BGP Support: Yes

CN0 - Shandong, China

ASN: 4242421826
Hostname: cn0.n.lss233.com
DN42 IPv4:
DN42 IPv6: fd10:a433:4b7d:3a::51
Link-Local: fe80::1826
WireGuard Endpoint: One-way. I will connect to yours.
WireGuard Publickey: npUFODZH4kPuHXO0icS4xupdcmH1dXYk8Q+o90bMFxg=
Multiprotocol BGP Support: Yes