Hi, I'm AS4242421826, looking for peers on DN42 network now.

If you are interested in peering with me, please send the following information to i@lss233.com:

  • Your ASN
  • Your Clearnet IP
  • Your DN42 IP
  • Your Link-Local IP
  • Your WireGuard endpoint
  • Your WireGuard public key

I prefer Multiprotocol BGP and WireGuard, and I will setup this by default, let me know if you can’t do it, we can work something out.


Node Information

LAX - Los Angles, CA, US
ASN: 4242421826
Hostname: lax.n.lss233.com
DN42 IPv4:
DN42 IPv6: fd10:a433:4b7d:2::50
Link-Local: fe80::1826
WireGuard Endpoint: lax.n.lss233.com:5<Your last 4 digests of ASN>
WireGuard Publickey: okfX4nra3vEz8TdXD08142TAi9YCYXOJAbF0DAx/dnw=
Multiprotocol BGP Support: Yes